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Tooth whitening


Recent legislation has characterized tooth whitening a form of ‘dental treatment’ and therefore should be carried out by a dental health care professional.

This is only available to people over 18 years old. This is a very easy procedure and safe when used in conjunction with well-fitting dental mouth guard made by your dentist.

Some people have sensitivity with this procedure but can easily be managed with commonly found sensitive tooth pastes. Ask my staff about our 20% discounts on our tooth whitening rates.!!


Ghanaan dentistry


I would like to wish Cerys the best of luck as she is going to Ghana to help a group of dental professionals set up a charity dental clinic. She’s giving up her holiday for this! Sounds like hard work!Apparently there is 1 dentist for 20,000 people . Big problem!

Cancer awareness-

Cancer awareness-

This is very much part of your oral health assessment. Oral cancer has a strong link with smoking and drinking,  however Oro-pharyngeal carcinoma in the young is on the increase typically in 25-50 year old healthy nonsmokers!

The culprit is a very common virus(HPV 16-18) .Your dentist is aware of this , if you have a persistent ulcer or lump in the neck or mouth which last for over 3 weeks ,please see your dentist who can advise you on the correct procedure. Early diagnosis is very important in the successful cure of this disease.



This virus is very common and many people have been exposed to this virus and have no or very mild symptoms and recover normally.

However there is a significant minority who are susceptible to the viruses inducing genetic change and causing a carcinoma. Your dentist can look out for these changes and if necessary refer you to have treatment and a total cure! This cure is dependent on being diagnosed early so a regular dental checkup can help.



Dental Health? It’s easy!

Two of the most common diseases of our time affect our mouths-Dental Decay and Periodontal disease.

Dental decay affects the hard tissues (teeth) in the mouth in most of us,it is caused by sugar in our diet .The more frequently sugar is consumed the more likely you are to develop tooth decay. Sugary drinks are one of the  main culprits , this includes ALL fizzy drinks and Isotonic drinks, lucozade PowerAde etc ., Even diet fizzy drinks are bad as they are acidic- as acidic as the car battery acid (pH 2-3)

Healthy drinks are water, tea and coffee without sugar (artificial sweeteners are


ok) milk and sugar free squash. Most of ALL other drinks are bad for our teeth!

Drink sensibly and stop your lower your risk of tooth decay!

The trouble with Orthodontics



Orthodontics in Hywell DDa health authority has changed dramatically over the last 5 years or so.

All teenagers wishing to have NHS funded treatment must fall into a certain category (called IOTN  )

Once patients have been determined to fall within the NHS eligibility criteria for treatment. ALL patients in Carmarthen and Pembroke will only be offered orthodontic treatment in 1 practice in Carmarthen where there is a 3-4 year waiting time !

I have been carrying out orthodontic treatment for over 20 years and I am able to offer this service immediately at the practice.  Unfortunately I am no longer able to offer this on the NHS but am able to offer a monthly payment plan from £110- a month (for 18 months). For more details contact Yvonne .