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National smile month

It is national smile month- organised by the British Dental health foundation. Good Oral Health is very important and there are some really good tips on good dental health including teeth gums and soft tissues including  oral cancer prevention. Did you know there is evidence to link poor Oral health with :

  • Dementia
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Male sexual health problems

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Dental care from 50p a day with 20% off treatment “Warrens plan”


Most of the patients who have their dental care under “Warrens plan” come to the practice twice a year.

These patients have well maintained mouths cared for by the dentist and the therapist

when they visit us , they  usually just need an examination, a scale and polish and a top up of their oral hygiene. Occasionally if they are unlucky they need a small filling

the cost of the plan is 50p a day and includes :

  • check up and full mouth screening by the dentist every 6 months
  • appointment with hygienist   for periodontal maintenance
  • week day emergency access to and advice from your dental practice.
  • emergency cover at week ends and holidays from an appropriate dentist in your area with no charge
  • 20% off dental treatment including crowns
  • access to modern contemporary dental techniques and filings  with no restrictions
  • access to dental implants with your dentist
  • access to orthodontics  with your dentist
  • access to sedation techniques with your dentist




proud Dad



I would  like to wish my daughter ( and all the other competitors)  luck in the forthcoming Gemeu Cymru in which tshe is competing. She is  taking part in the acrobatic gymnastics competition in Cardiff-

Looking forward to the week end!