Facial rejuvenation now available

Facial rejuvenation is now available at the practice.

This includes fillers as well as Botulinum toxin.

AzzalureR  BotoxR Dysport R  are trade marks for Botulinum Toxin. These are used in facial aesthetics to remove wrinkles on the face  forehead and from around the eyes.



Emervel is used as  a filler to smooth out the wrinkles of ageing.

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Gum disease



Gum disease (periodontal disease)  affects 98% of us and is the most common cause of tooth loss. Plaque and calculus collects on or around teeth and undermines the gum health causing bleeding gums. Smoking makes things worse!

50% of people with gum disease will lose their teeth.

There is also a link with heart disease  diabetes and other chronic illness-

Good oral hygiene- cleaning teeth twice a day with an electric tooth brush and using glides teepees and floss will help to stop this. Also a regular visit to our HYGIENIST will help keep your mouth healthy.

So healthy mouth- healthy body!

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National smile month

It is national smile month- organised by the British Dental health foundation. Good Oral Health is very important and there are some really good tips on good dental health including teeth gums and soft tissues including  oral cancer prevention. Did you know there is evidence to link poor Oral health with :

  • Dementia
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Male sexual health problems

Visit  www.nationalsmilemonth.org    to find out more.



Dental care from 50p a day with 20% off treatment “Warrens plan”


Most of the patients who have their dental care under “Warrens plan” come to the practice twice a year.

These patients have well maintained mouths cared for by the dentist and the therapist

when they visit us , they  usually just need an examination, a scale and polish and a top up of their oral hygiene. Occasionally if they are unlucky they need a small filling

the cost of the plan is 50p a day and includes :

  • check up and full mouth screening by the dentist every 6 months
  • appointment with hygienist   for periodontal maintenance
  • week day emergency access to and advice from your dental practice.
  • emergency cover at week ends and holidays from an appropriate dentist in your area with no charge
  • 20% off dental treatment including crowns
  • access to modern contemporary dental techniques and filings  with no restrictions
  • access to dental implants with your dentist
  • access to orthodontics  with your dentist
  • access to sedation techniques with your dentist




proud Dad



I would  like to wish my daughter ( and all the other competitors)  luck in the forthcoming Gemeu Cymru in which tshe is competing. She is  taking part in the acrobatic gymnastics competition in Cardiff-

Looking forward to the week end!

ITV dentists-disappointing



The ITV documentary  on dentistry in Manchester was very disappointing !

A very old fashioned representation of dentistry using old fashioned Media  sensationalism!  An great opportunity to educate people on the great advances that have been made in dentistry over the last 40 years was sadly missed.

It was a real shame,  our patients  are introduced to the most up to date techniques in Oral health management , treatments and prevention, and would not recognise the dentistry seen in the program. There were  only fleeting references to  contemporary procedures such as Implants .

An opportunity lost!