Don’t over stress your immune system

We rely on our immune system to keep us defended against all types of attacks from our environment. From defense against infection such as TB, flu to the common cold (a coronavirus). It can under react, as against some cancers, threatening our existence, or over react to a stimulus such as Asthma, anaphylaxis or in some cases covid- 19 (a different coronavirus).
So do our mouths matter?- YES they do!. Over 95 % of human beings have an inflammatory response to external stimulus in our gums- the start of periodontal disease. Dental caries (decay) is very common.
Keep our mouths healthy- clean our mouths twice daily , see the hygienist at least twice a year –
Watch our diets – limit sugar, alcohol and stop smoking. Give our immune system the best chance to fight more virulent organisms- visit your dentist- Join my dental plan for priority appointments and advice.

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